AUM Architects is a collaborative architecture & design practice based in Gurgaon, New Delhi – NCR, India. Just like in the ancient times, where through architecture, there was a connection sought with the cosmos, here too, we try to discover through every design act of ours, the very same symbiosis with NATURE. In our experience, the key to this is through EMPATHY.

We at AUM believe that design constantly challenges the status quo and looks for innovation and cutting edge thinking to push the boundaries, thereby addressing & evolving new design paradigms. We want to be an integral part of “Design for Communities” and therefore strive to address the needs of people in a sort of “open source” approach to life.

We see our practice as a laboratory for ideas and use our diverse backgrounds as a tool for creating contextual solutions. Alongside our practice, we have been able to develop an extensive teaching activity visiting many universities such as SPA, SSAA, & AoA, with a focus on an interdisciplinary teaching practice. The practice chooses to redefine the relationships between landscape, architecture, infrastructure, and art and has a primary concern for communities and the reciprocal relationship between the finished work and its physical and cultural impact. The diverse work the firm has engaged with also includes awards for performing arts center at Lucknow – IGCC, Memorial for MGR at Chennai, and very recently the NDTV Award 2016 for the Institutional Category