WARNING: The author is not responsible for the excruciating frequencies generated as a result of this reading material.

In the 1920s, when Le Corbusier floated his idea of “The Contemporary City” for 3 million people, Mumbai, was also undergoing infrastructural changes, to accept the avatar of an industrialized city. Thereafter, until now, and beyond to 2050, the Megacity of Mumbai is expected to grow at alarming rates, based on current projected statistics.  The poster explores the scenario of these metamorphosing ruptures, coalescing into a singular entity.

Transformations for tomorrow occur only due to actions (or inactions) taken today. Just as our today is informed by the same hindsight, an impossible question which comes to mind is, how does humankind not have the ability to accurately forecast conditions and possess the wisdom to act accordingly. Forecasting future is limited to a chosen few as proven by history.


‘TRANSFORMATIONS – Spirit of Time‘ somehow to me has a quality of ‘Genius Loci – Spirit of Place’. The association seemed obvious because of the Space-Time matrix. So, if there is ‘placeness’ for space, would there then be a kind of ‘nowness’ for time. For the search to find the equivalent of such a theory, one may have to travel the three realms of time, namely, the past, the present and the future. The investigations of such a nowness, may lie possibly somewhere in the realm of the present. Who knows? Each to his own.


Meanwhile, the visions which come to mind, represented in the poster, are captured below in the vivid expression of such a future.


“Dynamic contortions get juxtaposed on the veneer of the built fabric shooting up to the skies in towers of slime mould regenerating rapidly from memory spores, arching towards vertical ‘dispersal’. The Slum towers resonate with an incredible energy, giving rise to fantasy bubbles, within the stratosphere which they reach up to. The mind-body connect within communities aspiring for the elemental, unleashes creative forces, powerful enough to generate conditions, pulsating with a vibrant, yet spasmodic micro-landscape. Fractalized geometries implode upon itself in kaleidoscopic panoramas.

People transit between cities, between the urban and the peri-urban, between the mundane and the esoteric, and between relationships. This continuous transfer of mobility, within the realms of the body-mind, manifests in an acidic effervescence. There is little difference here, between the solidified and the melted, the old and reconstructed, the tangible and the disembodied. The real, the temporal and the delusional occupy the same space. Touch vacillates between a fractured syntax, and a coherent pattern.

Pure arts just like pure sciences blend into a plethora of eclectic knowledge preserves. Physics & chemistry fuse, actioned by the multidimensional diffusion phenomena. Technology converts to Super-jugaad through interference in migration velocities.

It appears to be a time-lapse video, (a FAST FORWARD with the sound still playing) played out in real, accelerated space-time, redefining the term – architectonic.”

Note – Those who wish to unfold this time-lapse/fast-forward of a narrative will find great many lengthy stories hidden in every frequency.

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